About this project

Partly, this memoir writing project exists to tell a story. My story. But partly, it is about showing a path, a way, a process of putting a story together, as an example to others, readers who perhaps have different and even more readable stories to tell and share. It is a tale about a journey, and an exposition of processes that comprise that journey. Finally, it is an invitation to collage making, to kaleidoscopic image designing. Join me in reading and in doing.


I left college early, degree-less and joined the Navy. After nuclear power training I ended up on a submarine, then re-upped after a year to a new class submarine in construction. When I rotated to shore duty I applied for a program to return to college for my degree. Once degreed and commissioned. I reported to a destroyer hoping to see the world as I saw very little on submarines. At the end of my obligated service I joined the Foreign Service where I really saw the world!

A lifelong learner, I arrived late to the process of formal instruction as a teaching librarian/archivist, my former careers being in the military (Navy) and the diplomatic service (overseas assignments principally in Africa and the Middle East). Since retiring from government, I earned an MS in Library and Information Science and have worked as a reference and instruction librarian, an archives program analyst, a town archivist, and a manuscripts librarian. For the past four years I have led American Century Cycle study groups in the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at American University.

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